Relic Recognition Section

Over the years with collecting and now selling relics, I found from time to time that some items needed further research to identify what they actually were and what certain numbers and stamps meant.

This has led me to starting this section of my site in the hope that this can be a reference to others and my self in the future. I will record here what I have already learned about items I have had, along with saving photos and details of items that I have available.

Aviation is my main knowledge base which is still growing, but I have realised that it is to easy for the individual to appreciate that what information they do know maybe more than others do and could assist others in their future finds.

Pease feel free to contact me if you feel you have something you would like to add to here which could help someone else.

I understand that there are many social media places for this but the biggest problem I can see with this is that over a short period of time a answer to a question you may have will have been lost through time which eventually leads to the same question being asked over and over again.

I wont be able to cover everything here but I do hope that what I do put here will be of use to someone.
Aircraft Crash Relics & Collectables Identification

A list of parts with photos in alphabetical order.

Aircraft Type Numbers

For people trying to identify found airframe parts with numbers on.

All Other Collectables

A list of parts with photos in Alphabetical order