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Alexander D King

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I started collecting military items from a early age due to my fathers interest in recovering crashed ww2 aircraft, i would often attend these investigations with him and gradually my own small collection began to grow. I also spent many happy hours at the museum he founded at Booker meeting with many of his friends who followed the same interest, from their contact my collection and knowledge continued to grow. I also made regular visits to the numerous aero jumbles frequently held through out the 1980s and 1990s. With all this collecting there was always numerous items that were surplus to requirements, from this i began swapping and trading and with the ever increasing connections through the internet i am trading with collectors world wide. with regular consignments from Germany and Russia along with regular purchases of collections and individual items from collectors, hundreds of items always in stock and new purchases every week. So if your looking for something in particular please contact me regarding your interest.

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I am also the proud sponsor of the Aircrew Remembrance Society.
My farther is the Chairman of the Aircrew Remembrance Society and I am the webmaster for the websites used by Aircrew Remembrance Society.
My business website, World War 2 Relic Hangar funds the running costs of the websites and their upkeep in full. I wanted to make people aware here that when they buy items from me that a % of that money is used for other activities which can be seen at & the new website

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I would also like to take this opportunity to make you aware of another project im involved with, Save Finmere Watch Tower
and the petition linked to it here on the Facebook page which can be found