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Below are some links relating to websites I am Webmaster for and proud sponsor of, I'm very much hands on with the work involved with these sites activities also and am proud to display the work of the group below -

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Aircrew Remembrance Society

A non-political society dedicated in helping relatives of fallen & missing airman from the 1939-45 air war. Preserving the memories, photographs and documents of those from all nations who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Below is direct links to the sub-websites covering Aircrew Losses in great detail in the form of remembrance pages which include much detail, photos and other related information.

All other Aircrew Remembrance Society Links.

Please click the below images for direct access to the Aircrew loss pages.

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R.A.F. Losses
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U.S.A.F. Losses
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Luftwaffe Losses
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Twitter page

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Save Finmere Watch Tower

The Group FaceBook Page covers all related activities and members of the groups input and involvement.

Please take the time to sign the Petition as this will help us along with the extra support, also if you feel you could offer more to the project please do make contact through my website contact us section.

The Aircrew Remembrance Society is launching a campaign to save The Finmere Control Tower. It will involve the creation of a new society to attract as many supporters as possible. It is feared that the tower may soon disappear from the airfield skyline, as plans to develop the airfield are now in progress. It will be a big project that will take a lot to achieve through many stages, but in can be done with enough support. Please join us to pledge your support now. There will more details regarding research into the site already under taken, with news updates on future development plans for the preservation of the tower, as a lasting memorial to all those aircrews lost during training from O.T.U. Groups 6, 7, 91, 92, and 93 in Buckinghamshire and surrounding counties, as well as H.C.U.’s, L.F.S.’s and all other training units in other parts of the country.
David King. (Chairman, Aircrew Remembrance Society.)

World War 2 Relic Hangar's Friends & Links of Interest.

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B-17 Archaeology

About B-17 Archaeology
B-17 Archaeology is dedicated to telling the stories of the surviving B-17’s and preserving first hand accounts from the veterans who served on them. During WWII, the B-17's flew over 290,000 missions and dropped more than 640,000 tons of bombs. Over 120,000 airmen served aboard the B-17 and approximately 45,000 of them were killed or wounded during combat.

Friend of mine and the Aircrew Remembrance Society.

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Hornchurch Aerodrome Historical Society

Welcome to The Hornchurch Aerodrome Historical Society, we are a small friendly non-profit making group of enthusiastic local amateur historians who are helping to preserve our past for all future generations to enjoy.

I donated a piece of Spitfire P9469 back in 2018 photos below.

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Antique Aircraft Organisation

Antique and Classic Aircraft International is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organisation formed in 2006. We are dedicated to the rescue, restoration and Flying of Antique (pre 1945) and classic (1946-1955) aircraft of all types. We foster education and hands-on experience for all ages in the maintenance and restoration of our aircraft with the goal of returning each one to the sky and making them available to the public for exhibition and display, both Static and flying.

Above photo is of Craig Sampson of Antique Aircraft Org receiving the Auster part donated by World War 2 Relic Hangar.

Below you will find some of our favourite sites.

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Warbirds Walkaround.

Welcome to Warbirds Walkaround. Here you will find close-up images of various aircraft, highlighting detail and design features of each type. Great for reference.

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Kriegsmarine Plus

German & English Military. Quality Furs, Hats & Accessories.

Interesting collection of items for sale including dug relics.